Army Jeep 11pc ww2 invasion stars

Army Jeep 11pc ww2 invasion stars
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Product Description

Sticker Design: Army Jeep kit

~ Set # jeep army ww2 invasion stars

~ QTY: 11 pieces

(11) Total Decals

(1) 12 inch Star,

(2) 14" x 2" U.S. ARMY,

(2) complete sets of numbers 2" height each,

(2) 15" x 3.4" U.S.A.,

(2) 10" x 3.6" WILLY with stars,

(2) 4" x 4" Star decals

Material is automotive grade Adhesive back Vinyl with a seven year outdoor life.

~ Installation:

1) Waxy paper backing (Remove and dispose of.

2) Vinyl Design (The sticker) Place on your Jeep Body and smooth out with credit card.

3) Remove the Semi-clear transfer tape.