2 Private Not For Hire 4x12 Script

2 Private Not For Hire 4x12 Script
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Product Description

Private Not For Hire. Script and Bold Lettering combined for a stylish design.

~ Die-cut vinyl stickers featuring PRIVATE in Script and NOT FOR HIRE in bold lettering.

~ Aprx. Size: 4"x12"

~ Qty: Matched set of 2, One color, No background.

Material: Automotive Grade Vinyl Sticks to glass or most any smooth painted surface.

* Select color from the drop down menu.

Check this section for other styles of this sticker.

~~ The instructions are as follows:

~ Peel n stick !

(1) Remove paper backing

(2) Apply Sticker to area, Use credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

(3) Remove the semi-Clear application tape.