Superman Life size Coin ride body

Superman Life size Coin ride body
Item# superman-life-size-coin-ride-body
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Selling my life sized SUPERMAN. once part of a kiddie coin ride. Made from the 1950's. Used in front of stores . Hes made of fiberglass and hollow but really pretty heavy. Amost takes two people to carry or move hime around.

Many scratches but no real damage. ONE wide Handle on his back for kids to hold on. easy to repaint if you want to restor but to me he's fine as is.


(The one found owned by Mark Brosso has two narrow handles on the back. Mine has one wide handle.)

Body only for sale, no machine for it.

My city zipcode for GPS distance is 43920.

Send a serious email with your questions and name.

Selling Price is shown here. If you don't have that much money don't bother me. I am not taking offers on this rare superman item.

NO SHIPPING. This item is local pickup only at it's locatiuon. 43920